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    Helena Cora Astrid

    It sounds strange because both Helena and Cora end in the same sound, and also because Cora ends with the same letter Astrid starts with. I think changing the ending on Cora would fix the flow problems!

    Helena Corinne Astrid
    Helena Coralie Astrid **this is my favorite**
    Helena Coraline Astrid
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    Helena Astrid Cora is lovely.
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    I like Helena Coraline Astrid best. It has the best flow without the triple A sounds in Helena Astrid Cora.
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    Quote Originally Posted by namelover77 View Post
    It does sound kind of strange, mainly because of the double -a endings immediately followed by an A name. I think Coralie fix both those problems, and though the flow isn't quite perfect, it is certainly improved. Helena Coralie Astrid? What do you think?

    BTW- Lovely names!
    I really like Helena Coralie Astrid!

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    I think Coraline works better with the other two names. Astrid seems kind of unnecessary though. Being from the south, I love to monogram things. I wouldn't want to leave out one of my names every time. That being said, I love the name Cora!

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