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    Cair Paravel :)

    What would you pair with Elena?

    Thanks for all your suggestions yesterday to honor Laney, everyone! I've come back to just Elena, though--all of the others feel like too much of a stretch. However, since my cousin has an Alaina, I don't really feel like Elena is an option for me as a FN--so what FNs do you like with the MN Elena? As it is, my list looks about like:

    Isabelle Aurora Grace
    Arianne Eleanor Kate
    Olivia Wren Camille
    Violet Ophelia Claire
    Rachel Evangeline Clara
    Liliana Odette Pearl (or Lillian something-or-other)
    Charlotte Olive Jane
    Hannah Lenore Claire
    Eleni Giovanna Kate
    Emmeline _____ _____ (likely Emmeline Poppy or Emmeline Leona)
    Tess Penelope ______

    Just for reference on style and names I love and such--plus, if I can find a paring with one of these that I love, it's more likely that Elena will stay on the short-list. I was thinking possibly Charlotte Elena or Tess Elena Penelope, but I'm not sure I really love either of those. Or Emmeline Poppy Elena/Emmeline Elena Poppy? I'm open to much more beyond what's on this list, though--I'm so happy with them as they are that I'm afraid I won't find a place for Elena with these combos alone.

    Thanks, ladies!

    P.S. If you're the praying sort of person, we would really appreciate your prayers for Laney--every update I hear is worse and worse and my heart is just breaking for her. I haven't heard a real prognosis on how truly bad it is, or her likelihood of beating her leukemia, but it's just breaking my heart... I just keep imagining her in a hospital bed, crying and alone, so confused and in so much pain, and my heart crumbles. I can't even imagine what her family is going through right now.
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    I love Elena with Charlotte, Tess and Hannah. Its definitely workable (in the middle) with almost all of your top ten, apart from Isabelle and Eleni. Emmeline Elena Poppy is just magnificent!

    Little Laney will be in my thoughts and prayers, may she recover as quickly as possible without going through too much pain. Too much for someone so young. Stories like Laney's break my heart.

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    Emmeline Poppy Elena sounds nice together. I also like all of your other names but couldn't quite fit in Elena yet.

    Also, since you are filling the MN spot, what about actually using Laney. It is a beautiful name.

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    @navywife1229 - hmm. I usually don't like nicknames on their own, any ideas for just Laney? I think it'd have to be a pretty special combo. I can't think of anything off-hand that I would like just Laney on its own.

    I'm also tossing around Catherine Elena--Catherine nn Kit just narrowly missed being on my list and I still really adore it--it might be a contender still. I think I prefer Catherine Elena to Charlotte Elena...

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