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    Autumn or Summer - I like both but Autumn seems more mature to me so it would be my pick
    Holly or Molly - Holly for the same reason as Autumn
    Julia or Julie - Julie for some reason I can't stand the name Julia
    Leah or Leia - Leah it's more timeless and won't have pronouciation issues
    Mallory or Valerie - Mallory, I think it is cute and underused Valerie reminds me of someone my mother's age
    Elodie or Melody - I don't really like or dislike either
    Laura,Lauren or Laurel - Love Laurel! Pretty and uncommon, the others seem dated to me even though Laura is a classic
    Ian and Mark - they seem stronger to me

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    Autumn or Summer?
    - Personally, I like Summer better. I just think it's a prettier name. Nothing against Autumn.

    Holly or Molly?
    - I absolutely love both. I can't choose. I've got a thing for M names, so I love Molly. Plus, I love the literary ties. But Holly sounds like it would age better to me. You can't go wrong either way!

    Julia or Julie?
    - Mm. Neither are favorites of mine, but I think both are good names - I'll go with Julia.

    Leah or Leia?
    - I like Leah better. Leia just makes me think of Star Wars!

    Mallory or Valerie?
    - I like Mallory better. (M <3). Valerie's not bad!

    Elodie or Melody?
    - Melody's better to me. I don't like Elodie as much for some reason!

    Laura or Lauren or Laurel?
    - Lauren. I'm not a huge fan of Laura and I know an absolute witch called Laurel.

    Ian or Julian?
    - I like Ian better. The "Jul" makes Julian seem a bit feminine to me.

    Mark or Max?
    - I like Mark better. I think it would age better.

    I would just like to add that your naming style is absolutely flawless! I have seen a lot of people on this website with naming styles that just confuse me, but yours is lovely!

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    Autumn (but neither is my style)
    Molly (also nms but more so than Holly, cuter I think)
    Julia - much prettier IMO
    Leah/Leia - torn. I like Leia bc it reminds me of Leila, but between the 2 I think I like Leah better.
    Mallory - agree with pp, Valerie is too dated.
    Elodie - love.
    Lauren - I love this name.

    Julian - on the soft side for me, but a very nice name nonetheless.
    Max - who can resist Max.

    Ian and Mark are just ok to me.
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    Archer Emmett Emrys Ianto Jasper Julian Leo Rhys Sawyer Theo

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    Autumn- A much more preferable season and more sophisticated
    Holly- Again, more sophisticated IMO, love the Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn) reference. Molly seems very youthful, to the point of not being as fitting for a grown woman
    Julia- a classic choice
    Leah- most people will pronounce this one correctly
    Valerie- Mallory seems very tied to the 80's in my mind. Valerie is more classic and I like the nicknames better.
    Elodie- Again, Melody is an 80's relic for me. Elodie is more modern and interesting.
    Laurel- love the nature reference and the fact that it's less common than Lauren these days

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