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    Oooh! Top Three!

    My top three names have finally been found! They are:
    1. Genevieve
    2. Seraphina
    3. Juliette
    Opinions? All the spellings are they way I like them now, so middles are the next goal. And if you could tell me my naming style, I would love to know. I can't seem to work it out.
    Possible middles include:
    Hope, Pearl, Rose (family name), Elizabeth, Ruth, Victoria, Margaret
    Thank you!

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    Seraphina Pearl is beautiful!
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    I like all your choices, I'll put them in Oder of favourite.

    Out of your middle names I really like Ruth, which would sound great with all 3. Also I like Rose

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    Love Genevieve and Juliette!

    Seraphina is ok but I dont LOVe it...

    ( i have posted this before for the following combo but..) I know sisters Genevieve and Elizabeth so they just seem to go together for me..

    Genevieve Elizabeth
    Genevieve Pearl
    Juliette Victoria
    Juliette Rose
    Juliette Hope

    Really almost any combo you make with those names are awesome!

    I slightly prefer Juliette to Genevieve because I think Genevieve will automatically get Gen...which I am not a huge fan of But I do like a suggestion I had head in the past of Vieve or eve as a nn.

    Great names! Hope you can come up with your top 3 combos!
    boys names drive me crazy!

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