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Thread: Shaedon?

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    I know a Shaedyn- so it feels feminine to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ruolan View Post
    Does it rhyme with Aiden or is the -don have more emphasis? It makes me think "shade on".
    I'm going to assume it rhymes with Aiden. I've never heard it spoken.

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    I'm not a fan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetpeacelove View Post
    I know a boy with the name... not a fan. It fits with all the names that rhyme with Ayden.
    Yes, my first thought was "Not another one!!!" @collmcc523 Yes, it doesn't pass the resume test for me, either. However, the next generation may be different with so many Cadens, Aidens, and Jadens walking around...
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    Sounds like a Jayden rip off. I could see it being cute on a little boy but I wouldn't want to marry a man named Shaedon.
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