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Thread: Sister for Cora

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    I like it next to Arya (prob from staring at my signature too long!) even tho they are similar sounding.

    I also second Cora & Emme, Cora & Rosalie, Cora & Pearl...

    I know you said you prefer shorter, but what about Penelope nn Penny or Gwendolen nn Gwen?

    Cora & Sybil = too Downton Abbey? Cora & Sylvie?
    Esme Cordelia | Fiona Elspeth | Gwyneth Rosalie | Madeleine Vesper | Phoebe Matilda | Sylvie Marigold
    Arlo Vincent | Cato Benjamin | Griffin Elias | Lucian Mateo | Milo Sebastian | Rhys Donovan

    Current B/G/B sibset crush: Owen, Lila, and Jude.
    In reality, if I had two more boys they would be: Miles Anderson and Julian Byrne (family names).

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    We have Cora and Ivy for our girls names

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    Cora and Iris
    Cora and Lydia
    Cora and Averill
    Cora and Cecily
    Cora and Pearl
    Cora and June
    Cora and Ivy
    Cora and Leonie
    Cora and Phoebe
    Cora and Violet
    Cora and Eve
    Cora and Opal
    *Mother to twins Charles and Samuel*

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    Wow! So many great ideas. Thanks folks! Lots to think about.

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