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    Sibling for Reid

    [FONT=Arial Black][/FONT]We are looking for a boy's name that goes well with our son's name, Reid. Right now, we are thinking about Garrett. Reid and Garrett. We are open to other recommendations though. Any thoughts?

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    Garrett isn't one of my personal favourites, but I think it goes with Reid.

    How about:

    Reid and Miles
    Reid and Owen
    Reid and Bennett
    Reid and Clark
    Reid and Neil
    Reid and Arlo
    Reid and Piers
    Reid and Drake
    Reid and Noel
    Reid and Vaughn
    Reid and Finlay
    Reid and Duncan
    Reid and Oliver
    Reid and Gage
    Reid and Callum
    Reid and Dexter
    Reid and Flynn
    Reid and Archer
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    I like Reid and Garrett. I really like the suggestion of Reid and Flynn.

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    Congrats! Reid and Garrett fit together quite nicely...
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    Thanks for the suggestions and replies!

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