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    desperately seeking...classic, friendly names with a bit of a twist

    Hi. the good news that we have got a girl's name, the bad news is that we don't have a boy's...and the baby is due on Friday. Our long time favourite, Ben, has been ruled out. And we now have a quandary as I like classic/old style names (recognisably names) whereas my OH is more open to left-field options. And we have been through list upon list and while there are names that we both quite like, it feels a bit as if we are settling for something rather than something we love (e.g. Adam)
    Some details - middle name will probably be Patrick and the the surname is Thompson. Probable current favourite is Isaac (to be known as Ike) but please all ideas are welcome at this stage! Your challenge, then: classic, friendly names with a twist. Thank you.

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