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    I went to an Ivy League school... the fact that it conjures images of Northeastern preppiness makes it MUCH less appealing to me. Met a few too many rich, snobbish kids that I wouldn't really want that connection... But if you like the Northeastern preppiness, then more power to you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by philomena View Post
    I don't like it at all. It's too wordy for me. I don't think prep when I hear crew, I think a group of men on a ship.
    I think of men on a ship (a ship's crew) and preppy at the same time. A male who wears a popped collar while cleaning a ship.
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    I saw this name for the first time a few months ago and I actually love it!! I can just see a preppy young man named Crew. Cute!

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    Maybe it's because I went to school with a guy named Crew for four years, but Crew doesn't phase me. I don't see a group of men on a ship or anything nautical; I just see the guy I know named Crew. The only thing that throws me is trying to figure out where the sudden interest in Crew as a first name came from. Of all the words to be turned into names, why Crew?

    Anyway, Crew isn't my style but I don't dislike it. I picture a hulking football player rather than a wealthy, Ivy League prep, but again... I'm biased.
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    I love it! It reminds me of sailboats and the Northeast. Can't go wrong with that!

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