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    Mar 2013
    Boston, MA
    Leila Michelle
    Elisabeth Anderson (mother's maiden)
    Emily Katherine

    70's babes....
    Audrey Coraline | Etta Rosemary | Gwyneth Cordelia | Hattie Juniper | Madeleine Vesper | Maisie Leonora | Margot Elspeth | Matilda Hazel | Olive Kerenza | Sylvie Marigold | Willa Margot | Zara Emmeline
    Archer Nathaniel | Callum Everest | Emmett Frost | Griffin Wilder | Jasper Amias | Julian Byrne | Leo Sebastian | Lucian Mateo | Quentin Miles | Rhett Jameson | Rhys Donovan | Theodore Francis Wolf

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    Jul 2013
    Kristen Valentina (older sister)
    She is named Kristen, because it was close to my moms name Christina. The middle name was a combination of my aunt and moms names, Valerie and Christina.

    Tabbitha Rose (Me)
    I'm not sure why my mom picked this for me, she changed her mind last minute and named me Tabbitha. I like my name, but wish I didn't have such a common middle name.

    John-Lee Lewis George (little brother)
    John, was named after my dads friend who passed away just before my brother was born. Lewis is my dads name, George is my dads middle name and also his dads middle name. I think my parents just added Lee in there because it sounds cool. But sometimes I think John-Lee sounds Asian.

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    Nov 2012
    Kaitlin Elizabeth
    Emily Marie
    Megan Louise
    Morgan Christine
    (Megan and Morgan are twins)

    90's babies

    My parents just liked our first names, but our middle names are family names.

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    Feb 2010
    Rebecca...according to my mom this was an unusual pick in the early 1960s
    Laura (me)
    Baby #7 due in June

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    Jul 2013
    London, England
    I have two brothers;
    Daniel (27)
    James (Jim)- who is my twin (24)
    Eleanor (me) (24)
    Naomi (16)

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