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    My brother is Robert Shaun (goes by Shaun) and I am Erin Nicole. My brother's first name is after my dad and his middle name is after my mom's teenage heart throb, Shaun Cassidy. Originally, my name was going to be Ashley Elaine, but then my mom heard Erin Nicole on t.v and fell in love with it and that's what they ended up going with. I thank GOD that they didn't name me Ashley. I knew at least 6 Ashley's growing up. lol

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    Victoria, Australia
    I am one of 6 - 12 if you include angel babies.

    Bree Barbara (30) - step-sister ~
    ------------(29) - angel brother !
    Rikki Lee (26) - step-brother ~
    ------------- (23) - angel step-brother @
    ------------ (19) - angel brother & sister #
    Jasmine Helena (18) - angel sister #
    Ebony Eden (17) - me #
    --------------- (16) - angel brother #
    Tarkwyn Loche (11) - half-brother $
    Aaron Matthew (11) - half-brother %
    Kira Jordyn (10) - half-sister $

    ~ = step-father's children
    ! = mum & previous partner
    @ = step-mother's child
    # = my parents
    $ = my dad and step-mum
    % = my mum and step-father

    Confusing, right?
    [FONT=Times New Roman]
    [COLOR="#66cc33"]Ignatius - Jasper - Hugo - Edmund - Henry - Oliver - Rupert - Felix - Percy - August - Atticus - Amias - Otto - Barnaby - Arthur - Ezra - Hector - Charles[/COLOR]
    [COLOR="#cc99cc"]Antigone - Hermione - Harriet - Cordelia - Violet - Persephone - Beatrice/Beatrix - Clementine - Ottilie - Florence - Octavia - Drusilla - Agnes - Ida - Matilda - Xanthe[/COLOR]

    [SIZE=1]Previously ebonyeden[/SIZE]

    [RIGHT][SIZE=1]avatar is my 8th great grandmother.[/SIZE][/RIGHT][/font]

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    In age order,
    Ryan Owen
    Tyler John
    Kylie Jean
    Carly Anne

    Ryan Owen: Owen is my dad's mn, his dad's mn, his dad's mn... and so on. They just liked Ryan.
    Tyler John: John is my mom's dad's mn. They liked Tyler and how it sounded with Ryan.
    Kylie Jean: My mom liked Kyle for me but my dad said no. Jean is my mom's, grandma's, great-grandma's, great-great-grandma's, and great-great-great-grandma's mn.
    Carly Anne: Mom's mom: Carolyn. Dad's mom: Anneliese (prn the German way). Carly and Anne are kind of nicknames honoring both grandmothers!

    Ryan would've been Joshua if he was born with dark hair. Alas, he was not.
    Tyler was always going to be Tyler.
    I was a big controversy, I guess. Morgan, Brittney, Amber, Heather, Jessica, and Penelope (of all names, lol) were big contenders. My great-grandfather picked my name out of the list!
    Carly wasn't named until the day they left the hospital. They wanted to name her Colbie.

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    I am Kathy Sue. Kathy- after my great-grandmother and Sue- my mothers middle name.
    Ernest William Jr.- Obviously named after our father.
    Eric Ryan- Just because my mom liked it. I agree, I think its a cute name.

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    my name is Amanda Jean - Jean/Jeannie are the names of both my maternal and paternal grandmothers.
    Blair Robert - (full brother) Robert is our paternal grandfather.
    Benjamin Thomas - (half brother) Thomas is the name of a paternal cousin whom passed away at a young age.
    Bradley Michael - (half brother) Michael is our father's name.
    Erinn Taylor - (half sister) step-father wanted a tomboyish name, mom couldn't get him to agree on anything so she gave him a choice between Erinn Taylor and Hunter Quinn (had she been a boy)
    mommy to -- chessa jean-marie & liam xander-reed

    furbabies -- Calliope & Thalia

    ttc baby #3

    lorcan "rory" cael-munro

    isla keegan-rose

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