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    Staying away from the "top 100 names" list...Elin May or Harlow May?

    I know that these names can be associated with Celebs (or their babies) but I love them both! They are WAY off the top 100 and I love that. They are both a little more unusual so I love the middle name May to even it out. Elin or Harlow for the first name? Any other unique name suggestions to go with middle name May?

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    I love Elin Mae!
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    My own name is Elin but my middle and last names have vowels (full initials are EUA). I really like Elin May together as it gives the option of 'Em' as a nickname. I know that you can't go by nicknames but there aren't many for Elin and I often get called 'E' (which is fine with me). I might have like to have an option of what to nickname myself had I been able to choose

    PS - My Icelandic great aunt and her great grandmother are / were also Elin and my great aunt in particular is one of the classiest women I know. I hope to 'grow up' (I am in my mid 30s) to be like her.

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    I love Harlow(e).

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    Elin May is gorgeous. Love it.

    Jude, blackbird.

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