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    It's not really my style.
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    Very odd to me as i understood pagan was a term used by various groups eg Jews, Christians and Romans to describe 'other' gods. Not a religion in itself but a group heading for Druidic, animalistic or other local beliefs. Less the equivalent of naming a son Christian, more like calling him 'outsider'. Plenty of belief groups practicing animal and occasionally human sacrifice as well as gentler nature worship would fall under such a broad description so it's one I would avoid.
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    As someone who participates in a more avant-garde lifestyle I can see the appeal of using such a stigmatized word as the name of a child. It makes people double take or ask you to repeat it. It's remembered. Not to mention it has a lovely sound and is so similar to names like Reagan and Kaegan. However, I feel it would draw negative attention to a child for all the wrong reasons. I would want a positively associated word or name attached to my little one. Not a name they have to explain or may exclude them from a job because a more zealous person assumes that they are something they may not be.

    Not that it's a bad thing to be a Pagan, but there is such a stigma about the word. People judge too quickly.

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    I like Pagan. I prefer it for a girl, but I don't hate it on a boy. I don't see any difference than naming a child Christian.
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