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    Go with one of your top 2! They are my favorites on your list by far. And neither one is overly popular. Of the four, I've only ever known or even met a Cecily. Yes, I know of the show Felicity, but it's been off the air for years, and any influence it had on the name's popularity would have come and gone by now.

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    1. Cecelia - 1: I honestly really dislike this name. There is just something about the sound that really grates on my nerves. It is so hissy! Like a pile of snakes. SI-SEA-lee-ah. And it is really nasally to me. Like a snobby little kid would say it.

    2. Cecily - 7: Surprisingly, considering my extreme dislike for the above, I like this one. The second s is softer, so it does't grate. Plus it is very unknown, but classic. Bonus points.

    3. Felicity - 10: Love. I have a niece named this and it was on my own list long before. I love the meaning and the history behind it, plus I had the American Girl Doll Felicity. I wouldn't worry about the show Felicity - who your kids age will know about that show? My neice's big sister calls her Lissie, though, so that may be unavoidable. Other nn possibilities could be Effie or Fee.

    4. Cordelia - 9: Also love. I love the nick names, and I don't think you should worry about DeeDee. I see the most logical nn as Cord or Cordy. I, too, love the antique feeling. It reminds me of the 1920s and flappers and Prohibition and Ziegfeld Girls. Also, relationship to literary and pop culture references are great!
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    All four of your names are lovely. I personally love Cecily and Cordelia - they're both at the very top of my own list for a daughter. Cordelia Celeste quite breathtaking and I really don't think you have to worry about people calling her Cornelia or Cornelius. From your descriptions, I get the impression that you are least fond of Felicity and perhaps most enamored by Cecelia. Pardon me if I'm incorrect. Cecelia does probably match the best with Izabella as well.

    I would try to knock off at least one of these names and bring the rest to the hospital. Her face might inspire you!
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    Cecelia is my favorite from your list, it has this beautiful, sweet, traditional ring to it.
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    Cecelia and Cordela - 5/10
    Cecily - 7/10
    Felicity - 9/10

    Compared to the other names on your list, I think Felicity is a clear winner.

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