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    Name the babies GEN1 RESULTS *BAILIBSMUM*

    #1- The Beauchamp's

    Darren Leo Beauchamp and Malia Rose Beauchamp are expecting their 7th child and its a boyl!! Malia would like to keep to the double lettered name theme but this time a very unusual one as it is their last baby. Darren says he would like a mythological middle. Considering Cooper was their last.. they were very shocked to find that there was another on the way, they also got a cat and a dog in that time.. so The dogs names are to be pet names not people names..(Dog and cat gender is up to player)

    DD: Arianna Venus (Cayleen)
    DS: Madden Apollo (bb & cayleen)
    DD/DD/DS: Holly 'Holz' Athena/ Willow 'Lola' Hera/ Quinn 'Q' Demeter (lolzabeth)
    DS: Cooper Leander(minisia)
    DS- Dashiell Zeus (minisia)
    CAT- Jinx (niffy)
    DOG- Rocker (bowtiful)

    #2- The Keller's

    Harrison Rigby Keller and Octavia Suranne Keller are expecting again, they were told they may have to think about letting 1 or 2 of the babies go but they refused and they are now proud parents to not 1 or 2 but 6.. 4 boys and 2 girls Harrison wants another unique and not often heard of but they are not made up name their newest addition.. Octavia would like edgy and different middle name for her daughters and sons..

    DS: Dexter Wilde (bowtiful)
    DS: Crosby Dax (michelle6942)
    DD: Ziva Snow (niffy)
    DD/DS: Soren Cruz and Daphne Lark (bowtiful)
    DS/DS/DD/DD/DS/DS- Lucian Theo/ Dashiel Fox/ Kerensa Faye/ Jolie Beatrix/ Niall Sage/ Viggo Blade (michelle6942)

    #3- The Holland's

    Wesly 'Wes' Erik Holland and Dominique 'Mika' Amari are expecting their 8h and last child.. a little boy... wesly wants a name that reflects what number child he is.. and mika wants a middle to honour wes..

    DS: Amos George 'moss'(bb)
    DD: Beatrix Rosalind 'bea' (lolzabeth)
    DS/DS: Harvey Asher/ Colton Felix (bowtiful)
    DD/DD/DD: Anaya Nique, Charlotte Mina, Liberty Amari (michele6942)
    DS- Leighton West (minisia)

    #4- The Williamson's

    Brogan Gabriel Willimson and Wife Kira Harriet are expecting a boy and a girl this time.. Short and sharp names and middles to reflect on brogan and kiras first or middle names.. or both if you want to give 2 middles.. Kira's younger sister Maya is also pregnant and she is letting brogan and kira adopt her son so that her can have the best in life.. Maya wants a longer name with a short nickname.. and a middle name that is similar to her own.. Lillian.

    DS: Kai Xavier (redvelvet)
    DD: Zoe Olympia (minisia)
    DS/DS/DS/DD:Max Jupiter/ Eli Cato/ Sam Theolonius/ Fae Ariadne (lolzabeth)
    DD: Rue Katniss (redvelvet)
    DS/DD- Axl Harry and Lia Gabrielle (redvelvet)
    NEPHEW- Sebastian 'Baz' Linus (niffy)

    #5- The Dawson-Webb's

    Lilyana Millicent and Mitzi Drusilla Dawson-Webb are getting 2 cocker spaniels 1 boy and 1 girl. free choice on the names..

    DD: Anabella Juliet (Cayleen)
    ADS: Darius Aubin (leahjess)
    DS: Jackson Frederick (minisia)
    ADD/ADD: Eira Rose and Seren Elizabeth(niffy)
    Girl dog- Zula (redvelvet)
    Boy dog- Loki (niffy)

    #6- The McKenna's

    Harvey Sebastian McKenna and Kiona Elizabeth are taking on their niece as Harv's sister now 16 got pregnant AGAIN and let he brother bring the baby up as his own.. His sister gets to choose the name style.. she likes very different name, not popular.. and middle name is to be after her.. The babies name is now going to be after Beth and harvs father Stanley middle name is free choice. Meanwhile kiona is expecting triplets.... Naming style is to be unusual and middle names to be musical this time..

    DS: Mason Theodore (Michelle6942)
    DD: Leilani Giselle (fairchild)
    DD/DS: Florence Summer / Felix Julian (ho_hey)
    NIECE: Skylia Elizabeth(minisia)
    NEPHEW- Bentley Maddox (niffy)
    DS/DS/DD- Grey Coda/ Arlo Chord/ Indie Viola (bowtiful)

    Stay tuned.. generation 2 will be arriving very soon..
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