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    Let your child choose his/her sibling's name?

    Have any of you let your older child(ren) choose the name of a younger sibling? Did it work out?

    We're starting to think about giving a shortlist of maybe 2-3 names to our older child and letting her choose from among them. Not sure whether we or she or even the new baby...may come to regret this decision in time, or whether it'll be worth it to allow her to have a big say in his life....

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    My friend did this with her daughter. Her eldest daughter, Tahlia, was three when they had another daughter. Her parents let her choose between three names. She chose Eva and they were all very happy with her choice! Just make sure you love all your shortlisted options and you'd be happy with whichever name your child chose!
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    I definitely would want their input and for them to be included.

    I wouldn't let them have the final say exactly, but I would definitely want them included. If they're top choice is one I love, perfect! If it's one I can't stand, sorry kiddo, it's not happening.

    I had a say in both of my brothers, my 14 year old brother's first name is one I chose. We don't call him by it however.

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    I think letting them choose from a short list of approved names is totally acceptable. Letting them come up with something on their own is a different story. Unless you're ok with your child being named something like Cowboy or Strawberry. (depending on their age of course)
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    I wouldn't let my child choose their siblings' names. That's a decision for the parents to make, although I have nothing against the idea of taking input from older siblings.

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