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  • Cordelia

    23 62.16%
  • Cecelia

    14 37.84%
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    First of all, I love the spelling Cecelia, even though it isn't the "proper" spelling. I like it that way to make it easier to have the nn Celia and to get away from the name Cecil.
    My vote was for Cordelia though. It's not as common. I really dislike Delia, which is funny cuz I like Celia, but I like do like Cordy. Cordy would be cute on a child. I like the full name Cordelia and I prefer full names. Cecelia as a full name seems like it would always be shortened to Cece or Celia.

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    I prefer Cordelia because I think Cecelia is a little old.

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    Cecelia, although I prefer the Cecilia spelling. Cordelia is perfectly lovely though.
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    Cordelia, hands down.

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    Both are beautiful, but I prefer Cordelia for sure! It's one of my favourite names in general. Though both are very feminine, Cordelia sounds much stronger to me while Cecilia/Cecelia is a bit flimsy.
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