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Thread: Anthem

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    Quote Originally Posted by renrose View Post
    Merit's genuinely a name though
    well, not according to nameberry, it doesn't link up! ;D
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    I don't like sounds weird, made-up, and too celebrity-style for me. Sorry!
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    I really like it. Then again, I love the very-American feel, and that it's a word name...I am quite comfortable with word names as I have friends with children named Legend, Story, River, etc. My sister has even "claimed" Bear for a possible future son. Anthem is not any more unusual than those names, and it has a solid, good meaning. Oh, and to answer your's all boy to me!

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    Anthem is just a bit too word-namey for me. I would think it would be more masculine, but I just couldn't picture anyone, except maybe a celebrity, naming their child Anthem.
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    My first reaction was no: too consonant heavy, too patriotic, too non-name. But after realizing that I like Chrysanthemum and all of the consonant-heavy, similar sounding suggestions, I actually like it. I might choose Anselm or Ephraim before Anthem or put it in the middle, but I wouldn't take it off the table.

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