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    Delilah Pearl. Lola is just so insubstantial and has an extremely trashy feel to me. Even just changing out the o for an i (e.g. Lola to Lila) changes the feel of it entirely.

    How about Delilah Juliet or Lila Juliet?
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    I vote for Delilah Pearl! So pretty.

    Violet Eve and Delilah Pearl
    Violet Eve and Lola Juliet

    I really think that Delilah Pearl goes better with Violet Eve, ya know?
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    I like Delilah much more than Lola, so that gets my vote,
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    Delilah Pearl is beautiful and flows very naturally. Has a kind of Southern ring to it.

    And yeah, I put Lola in the same style category as Layla and, personally, those names just don't do it for me. But to each her own.

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    Delilah Pearl, definitely.

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