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    You and your family just moved on to Oak Wood Street! You have such lovely neighbors

    My Family:

    DH: Spencer Micah Smith (30)
    DW: Tara Shelby Smith (29)
    -DS: Porter Jude Smith (1)
    --DDog: Lulu
    --DDog: Felix

    Family 1: The Gallager's
    DH: Keith Ethan Gallager (35)
    DW: Evelyn Rae Gallager (35)
    -DS: Flynn Cohen Gallager (7)
    -DD/DS: Noemi Plum Gallager and Phoenix Bodhi Gallager (5)
    -DS: Stellan Jett Gallager (1)

    Family 2: The Lucas'
    DH: Stephen Drew Lucas (40)
    DW: Elizabeth Layne Lucas (34) "Ellie"
    -DD: Hadley Olivia Lucas (5)
    -DD: McKenzie Sophia Lucas (18 months)

    Family 3: The Finley's
    DH: Robert Nolan Finley (43)
    DW: Melissa Heather Finley (44)
    -DD: Gillian Elizabeth Finley (21)
    -DS: Andrew Nicholas Finley (19)
    -DS: Shane Michael Finley (17)

    Family 4: The Russo's
    DH: William Oliver Russo (38) "Bill"
    DW: Summer Natalie Russo (37)
    -DD: Sadie Rose Russo (12)
    -DD: Gwendolyn June Russo (7) "Gwen"
    -DD: Willow Lucy Russo (4)

    Family 5: The Webb's
    DH: John Isaac Webb (39)
    DW: Beth Annalie Webb (35)
    -DD: Gemma Anne Webb (8)
    -DS: Asher John Webb (6)
    -DD: Ruby Beth Webb (3)

    Family 6: The DeFrance's
    DH: David Franklin DeFrance (46)
    DW: Kimberly Vivienne DeFrance (35)
    -DD: Scarlett Lilac DeFrance (12)
    -DD: Harper Arcadia DeFrance (4)

    Family 7: The Walker's
    DH: Adrian Jose Walker (34)
    DW: Delilah Michelle Walker (35)
    -DS: Noah Liam Joseph Walker (2)

    Family 8: The Porter's
    DH: Ryan Alexander Porter (30)
    DW: Christine Lucie Porter (30)
    -DS: Jordan Ryan Porter (4)
    -DS: Riley Alexander Porter (2)

    Family 9: The Rush's
    DH: Marcus Anthony Rush (33)
    DW: Leanne Iris Rush (34)
    -DD: Thalia Noelle Rush (6)
    -DD/DS: Sienna Grace Rush and Holden Daniel Rush (nb)

    Family 10: The Smith-Lange's
    DW: Emily Mae Smith-Lange (32)
    DW: Spencer Anne Marie Smith-Lange (34)
    -DS: Porter Russell Jude Smith-Lange (7)

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    My family:
    DW: Lily Claire
    DH: Adam Henry
    DS: Theodore Oliver [1]
    Ddog: Tyler
    Ddog: Gwen

    1. DW: Tanya Piper Chapman
    DH: James Alfred Chapman "Jim"
    DS: Matteo James [7]
    DD: Thea Piper [5]
    DS: Rory Alfred [3]
    DS: Luka Thomas [1]

    2. DW: Zoe Elizabeth Deyes
    DH: Alfred Sydney Deyes
    DD: Eleanor Louisa Deyes [5]
    DD: Penelope Thalia Deyes [2]

    3. DW: Louise Penelope Watson
    DH: Matthew David Watson
    DD: Darcy Rose Watson [29]
    DS: Levi Alexander Watson [25]
    DS: Micah Christopher Watson [22]

    4. DW: Jenna Marie Mourey
    DH: Julian Maxwell Mourey
    DD: Maeve Alice [10]
    DD: Piper Madeline [7]
    DD: Hazel Juliet [4]

    5. DW: Caylen Olivia Franta
    DH: Connor Alexander Franta
    DD/DS: Caroline Isobel/Sebastian Derek [8]
    DD: Rosamond Meredith [6]

    6. DW: Grace Anne See
    DH: Chester Isaac See
    DD: Katherine Lillian [9]
    DD: Charlotte Hannah [5]

    7. DW: Lillian Marie Borg
    DH: Frances Liam Borg
    DS: Tobias Odin [3]

    8. DW: Toya Silvan Oakley
    DH: Jay Tyler Oakley
    DS/DS: James Sebastian/Thomas Oliver [2]

    9. DW: Simone Gloria Green
    DH: Kevin James Green
    DD: Meredith Kayla [5]
    DD/DS: Christina Grace/Theodore Henry [nb]

    10. DW: Hannah Juniper Hart
    DW: Rose Thalia Hart
    DS: Matthias Sloan [4]

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