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    Hmmm, if I did go with Grace, what about some variation of that, such as Gracie?

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    Madelyn Grace or Madelyn Rose, both are beautiful and cute, helping to aid her through all ages. Madelyn Samantha. i dislike and feel there are too many syllables at play, Madelyn Brianne not so keen on either. Sorry to be brutally honest, i don't mean to sound mean. I am just pretty honest i guess. I am not a great fan of those names in general and i do not think they compliment madelyn. If you forced me to pick out of Rose and Grace, I would probably say Grace. I love both though. x

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    If you're not worried about popularity, then Madelyn Grace is best. But Madeline Grace is better (and correctly spelled).
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    no offense taken, that's why im posting! names can sound really good one day and not so much the next..we've gone back n forth so many times I felt it would be helpful to get third party opinions

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    I actually preferred the spelling Madeleine, which is the Original spelling, it just seemed so classy. Not so much Madeline though because I didn't want there to be any issues with the pronunciation.

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