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  • Graham Henry Barnett

    6 11.11%
  • Henry Graham Barnett

    29 53.70%
  • Griffin Rory Barnett

    10 18.52%
  • Rory Sullivan Barnett

    10 18.52%
  • Sullivan Graham Barnett

    20 37.04%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Totally unhelpful but I voted for 3. Henry Graham, Graham Henry and Griffin Rory.
    Graham nickname Gray is super cute and something that would suit a grown up. Same with Henry and as it is a classic. Also I like Griffin, but not too keen on Rory myself. Good luck!
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    I like the combination of Rory Sullivan the best, but Sullivan is my favorite first name out of the selection.
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    I voted for Henry Graham and Griffin Rory. I adore Griffin and completely disagree that it is a name no one would ever want to have. I think it's a great name. I almost voted for Rory Sullivan as well, but I figured voting for three would not be very helpful, so I narrowed it down to my two favorites. Overall, they are all fantastic names/combos -- you can't go wrong!
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    I voted for Sullivan Graham Barnett. Knowing the last name helped a ton... Although I liked some of the other names, Sullivan stood out from the crowd because of the flow. You have 3 syllables, 1 syllable, 2 syllables... this is ideal for flow, where each name has a different # of syllables. The others flow well, but I'd say not nearly as well... esp. Griffin Rory Barnett, where each name has 2 syllables. This is why knowing the last name matters...

    Also, Sullivan's a great name. To me, I connect it with the 19th century, which makes it seem more gallant and manly. I also think of Sullivan Ballou's letter during the Civil War... So, I think of a loving, compassionate, gentle, romantic man...

    Henry is just so common sounding. It is classic, but doesn't have any wow factor for me. Graham is nice, but maybe with a different mn. Rory is not even on the same level as the other names for me. Griffin is quite nice, but feels much more trendy. So I think I'm officially putting in for Sullivan.
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