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    I know it's lovely sounding and all, but I'm not a fan of naming your kid after a country, continent, or city. It's just too much for a person I think. After all, how can 1 person represent a WHOLE country. Maybe as a middle, but I wouldn't use it as a first name...

    Also it's kind of a very American thing to do, which to me isn't a very good thing... After all, you don't see Indian/Chinese/French/Britich/etc children named America/Italy/Japan/etc..
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    Wow! I am glad I clicked on this thread & the subsequent thread links added!

    I am Australian & had no idea of the controversy surrounding the name India. I was flirting with the idea of using the name for my last pregnancy (although my hubby vetoed it) I absolutely adored the idea of the nickname 'Indi'.

    It may be absolutely ignorant of me to not to have known about the negative connotation for which I apologise BUT now knowing & reading some of the intense feelings and opinions tied to it is good.

    Thanks for the enlightenment!

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    It has a beautiful sound but too much controversy to saddle a little girl with. Maybe Indiana or Indigo instead?

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    Never, ever on a white girl. I agree with the points made on the threads posted above.
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    India is my favorite name for a girl! I also love the nn Indie. I think of it as glamourous and spunky, with a boho chic vibe. I'm glad it has fallen out of the Top 1000, as I hope to use it in the near future. Asking about India on this forum can elicit some really strong opinions, so be prepared. All in all, I LOVE it!

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