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    Ok so Sebastian Thomas is definitely the boy name thanks to everyone's help for Paisley this is what we're down to:

    Paisley Elizabeth
    Paisley Eleanor
    Paisley Jane
    Paisley June
    Paisley Annabelle

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    I really like the name Paige, which would go with any of your boys' names and is close to Paisley but a little less common

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    I like the pp's suggestion of Paige, which is more classic than Paisley. Another suggestion is Emmeline for a first name, instead of Emily.

    For Paisley, I really love Paisley June as a combo.
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    Paisley Elizabeth - I like this combination of sweet and spunky with traditional
    Paisley Eleanor - I always love Eleanor so you will probably never here this again - I don't think I like it with Paisley. Awkward sounding to me.
    Paisley Jane - Very cute but not sure about the repetition of the long "A" sound. I want to like it but can't.
    Paisley June - AH! This may have to be my favorite. June is much nicer than Jane with Paisley.
    Paisley Annabelle - Too darn sweet for my taste. Off to suck on a lemon.

    So, middle name for Paisley choice #1 is June and #2 is Elizabeth

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