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    I think the name Paisley does have substance because it is the name of a city as well as being just a word name. The port city gave paisley its name. That is what I learned in school .

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    I never understood Sebastian, or it's popularity. I personally hate the name. I find it to be too whimsical and wimpy for a boy and there are no good nicknames for it. I think it would make a fine name for a cat, however...

    Paisley sounds very hillbilly to me. It doesn't seem like a name that much thought was put into (like Tinsley).

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    I really don't like Paisley at all. This isn't a name that's going to stand the test of time, it's going to date very fast. Also her sibling already has a classic name, Emily and Abigail were a lot closer in style than Paisley. I would try find an underused classic like: Eleanor, Penelope, Amabel or Louisa.

    Sebastian Thomas is lovely.
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    I love the name Sebastian, and I like both combos.

    I see a previous poster mentioned Penelope, which is what I was going to suggest as an alternative to Paisley. Or since you like the name Emily, did you rule out any of the other variations, like Emmeline or Amelia?

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    My 4 yr old niece is Paisley, the first we've ever heard. And it's perfect.

    Her whole name is Paisley AnneMarie after her grandmothers. I like it. But I think your choice of Elizabeth is beautiful.

    Paisley Jane works too. It's such a welcoming first name for middle names!

    My favorite part - My son has always called her Pais-uh-lee. 3 syllables. And recently he shortened it to "Pais". It just cracks us all up - he's only 9 months older than her!
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