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    Love it. Its a beautiful name and sorely underused. I actually prefer it as a fn, it can feel like a bit of a filler in the middle. I'm also a big fan of a 1 syllable first name and a longer middle, eg Pearl Josephine, Pearl Susannah, Pearl Elizabeth, Pearl Clementine.
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    Not love, or hate, but probably like. The only bad association I have with it is Mr. Krabs daughter Pearl (a whale) on Spongebob. But I wouldn't worry about that. Lol. Other than that, I see it as a vintage name that deserves new life. Go for it!

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    I really like Pearl a lot, both as a first and middle name.
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    It's not the prettiest word name, but I don't hate it. I think it could be cute with a nice middle name, preferably 3-syllables.
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    Recently read an Australian novel by Karen Foxlee where one of the protagonists is named Pearl. While the plot did not end up well for Pearl, it brought the name into the contemporary for me. I like it.

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