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    Smile How Many Middle Names Are to Many?

    Help!!! My husband and I are engaged, and we'd decided to name our son Joffrey, sort of a tribute to my favorite character on Game of Thrones, (weird I get it a lot) but now we can't decide on a middle name. How many middle names do you think are to many?

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    Your favourite character is Joffrey? Wow.

    I'd say two middle names is fine, any more than that is getting a bit royal family wannabe.
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    Two middles are normal to me. Three are the most I'd ever use, and that would be if my future DH wanted to specifically honor someone, or if we couldn't agree on just two.

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    I agree, two middle names is probably the limit. Any more and you start to seem a bit pretentious, like you think you're a member of royalty or something.
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    I like the idea of two middle names, and at the same time, I feel like two middle names sounds a bit pretentious. I admire it on other people's children, but I think I'd be too unsure to actually go for it myself.

    I think the more important issue is naming your child after Joffrey.. I would be traumatized if I found out that's who my parents named me after. The name itself is fine, but imagining a child thinking, "Oh cool, my name was inspired by this character.." and goes and reads the books.. Gulp.

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