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Thread: Micaiah

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    How would you pronounce this?

    I have two pronunciations in mind, one which I prefer, but have an idea that most would pronounce it the other way. Mi (short i) kye uh OR My kay uh. I like the second pronunciation, for a girl (even though I know the name is a man's name in the Bible). I like it with the idea of Caiah (kay uh) as a nickname.

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    I would have said mih-kye-uh.

    I don't like it on a girl or the other pronunciation at all, that cheapens it to a variation on the whole used-and-abused Mikayla/Makenna-family of mispelt kreativity.

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    It feels like a girls name. I know a Mica pronouced I just combined that with the ending of Isaiah when I said it in my head....Mee-Kye-Uh. I don't like the look or feel of the name...

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    My first thought was Mick-KYE-uh, then My-KAY-uh. I prefer the first, but I don't love the name, I think there's a lot of spelling and pron. issues with it.
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    I would say Mi-kye-uh - it definitely feels like a girl's name to me, but that's probably because the main character of one of my favourite video games is called Micaiah and she's a girl.
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