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  • Althea

    27 48.21%
  • Emmeline

    29 51.79%
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    Althea or Emmeline?

    Help! I'm so torn on which one I love more!
    Emmeline would most likely go by Emmy/Emmie while I'd just use Althea without a nickname.
    Middle name options are Mae, Kathleen, or Wendy (family names).


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    So tough!!! I voted Althea... It's got more strength as a name, I love it's meaning and it's mythological connection. I always thought you could use 'teddy' as a pet name for Althea but I agree it doesn't need a nn!
    Althea Wendy would probably be my choice though Althea works with Mae too... i dont like it with Kathleen due to repetition of sounds. Althea Katherine or Althea Kate could work though and still honour Kathleen... I think Ali-Kat is an fun pet name!

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    I love both, but voted for Althea. I think it works better with your middle names choices.
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    I never know how to say Althea. Is it All-thee-uh, All-tay-uh,
    or All-tee-uh? I voted of Emmeline. Emmy/Emmie is a beautiful and adorable nn.

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    Althea is such a strong, distinguished name with a fabulous namesake. Althea seems strong, brave, and wise whereas Emmeline seems, well, flimsy.

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