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    Older name with southern flair

    Hi there, I'm new-ish around here and am expecting #3. This time around, I'm not finding anything that I love and could use some help!
    We already have Hugh Augustin James and Georgiana Claire Evangeline. They go almost exclusively by Gus and Georgiana. I really like older sounding names with a southern flair (we live in the south). I like British names, too.
    We don't want another G name, nothing with "Anne" or "Anna" b/c of Georgiana, and our last name is similar to Shafer.

    My current list for girls is:
    Magnolia - not sure if this is *actually* usable.
    Constance - I don't want this to get shortened to Connie, but don't know what alternative nicknames would be.

    I'm also open to double first names, as they are pretty common around here and I think they're very girly and southern. Some that I like:
    Mercy _____ (possibly Kate?)
    Verity June
    Mary Hampton (Hampton is a family name)

    I'm open to suggestions and would love to see what y'all think of my current list and what you can come up with! Thanks so much!

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    Hugh, Georgiana, and Rosemary or Hugh, Georgiana, and Felicity would be perfection. I would suggest Pearl as one of the middle names; it's very Southern.

    Rosemary Luella Pearl and Felicity Magnolia June are my favorite options from the names in your list.
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    I think Magnolia is not only usable -- it is perfect! I also like Clementine. As you have a Georgiana, obviously you do not feel compelled to shorten everything to a nickname. I think if you are willing to go all three syllables, Clementine is lovely and its one failing is that I don't really like any of the nicknames (except Emme) and I dislike Clem or Clemmie.

    Henrietta (Hetta, if you like)

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    I see people questioning Magnolia's usability on here ALL THE TIME, but I admit I don't get it. I know a little Magnolia, and she was the first I'd heard of. When I saw her birth announcement, I thought to myself "Wow, how unusual!" and after it settled I realized what a nickname goldmine it is. Maggie, Nolie, Nola, Madga, Magpie, Magno when she's being silly. I just don't see the issue with it from a usability standpoint. I think it's super-duper accessible and truly wouldn't be questioned.


    To your other choices:

    Clementine has never struck me right. To me, it's just an orange that's in the "candy fruit" category... It wouldn't be too far off naming your kid Peach, Plum Apple, etc. but arguably more in the company of Mirabelle, Pomeline and Anjou. It just depends on your associations and what your boundaries are for that sort of thing.

    Rosemary still feels too old-lady to me. I LOVE vintage names, but for me Rosemary falls in with Doris, Marjorie and Florence rather than Josephine, Genevieve and Adeline.

    Felicity is sorely underused, and simply charming. My primary pop culture association is the American Girl, not the TV Show (thankfully). In the past 10 years it's been pretty steady in the 600-700 popularity range, despite being incredibly familiar and on-trend. A gem.

    Luella and Constance both feel stuffy.


    Leona or Leora
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