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    Write down 10 names on a piece of paper. And make your husband look through them and he can take off 2 but he has to replace them with another name and no repeats.

    I did this with my boyfriend - We decided on LuLu but then my boyfriend said to call her Amy-Louise and NN her LuLu.

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    I think Noah is a lovely choice. It's so classic and yet feels so up-to-date.

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    I like all of them (favorites are Maddox and Rhys), but I actually think Landon fits the best. I feel like it's the same style name as Carson, Parker and Rylan. Good luck!
    Cora Etta Hazel Madeleine Matilda Penelope Sylvie Thea Vivienne Zara
    Archer Emmett Emrys Ianto Jasper Julian Leo Rhys Sawyer Theo

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