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    Survey says 3 is the most stressful?

    Have any of you read this? I thought it was quite interesting...

    I can kind of see why 3 would be stressful but I still can't wrap my head around what they said about 4 being less stressful.

    However this doesn't change the fact that I want at least 4 children so I guess I will find out for myself if it is right or wrong.

    So what do you think berries? Do you agree with the survey? How many kids do you have/ want?
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    My husband in the middle child of three, and he has some wicked middle child syndrome so I can't say I disagree with the article. He flat out told me before we got married he did not under any circumstances want three kids for those reasons (he's afraid he'd overcompensate for the middle subconsiously and the other two would suffer). Which is perfectly fine with me since I only want one child.
    That's not to say, however, that I think all three child families end up that way, every family is different.

    Edit: The middle child syndrome was a direct result of his parents not having the time and energy for three kids, and prioritizing some kids over others. Rereading my post, I realized I forget to address the parent stress factor that was in the article.
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    I guess once they reach four children they're over stressing and become more chilled! I don't know

    It's pretty obvious why three children would be more stressful than one or two. However, my husband and I want three children! I'm one of two and always thought two isn't enough. My husband is one of three (he's middle child) and thinks it's a great number. He definitely doesn't have middle child syndrome!
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    I wondering its because such a small fraction of families have more than three children, and those that do tend to be more traditional and possibly religious? The mothers (almost always the mothers) are more likely to stay home full-time, they're less likely to be concerned about status markers like competitive nursery school admissions or over-scheduling the kids, they might be better connected to extended family or a religious community, etc. Maybe?
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    Well, I'm pregnant with #3 and #4, I was concerned about going from two to three and having a middle child, but now I figure everything will just be insane all the time and I'll just do the best I can. So, maybe there is something to it....kind of like, screw it, I can't do everything, so you just relax.

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