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    ♥ Clara Dean Lucy Dominic ♡

    Feel free to ask me anything about saints names

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    Southlake, Texas
    Teenberry. INFP. Ravenclaw. Passions: art, theatre, music, psychology, yoga, naming, and reading.
    (Changing my name to Zoie Willow.)

    For a future...
    Ever-so Darling Daughter:
    Opal Eleanor ~ Lavender Elaine ~ Harmony Ophelia Maude ~ Poet Aurelia Charlotte ~ India River 'Indie'

    Splendid Son:
    Sebastian River - River William Henry - Bodhi James - Hugo Timothy Cole - Apollo Jack

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    Amaryllis Madeleine Joy "Amari"
    Waverly Clair Elizabeth
    Savanna Italia Macy "Savvy"
    Genevieve Luna Sage "Genna"
    Holiday Skyler Eve "Holly"
    Bellamy Violet Snow "Bell"
    Arcadia Brynn Juliet "Cadi"
    Hadley Felicity Eponine
    Haven Evangeline Kirrily
    Ember Josephine Love "Emmy"
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    ~ Larissa

    Olympia Primrose
    Waverly Claire ~ Amaryllis Joy
    Holiday Elise ~ Bellamy June ~ Seraphina Daisy
    Genevieve Scout ~ Romilly Violet ~ Laszlo Oliver ~ Darwin Blake
    Gideon Levi ~ Fisher Gray ~ Jasper Elias
    Simon Apollo ~ Orlando Archer
    Phineas Jack

    Crushing hard... Saylor Adeline ... Mazarine Alice ... Penrose Elizabeth

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    Cair Paravel :)

    Mine would be:

    Isabelle Aurora Grace "Bella"
    Arianne Eleanor Kate "Ari"
    Olivia Wren Camille "Liv/Olive"
    Violet Ophelia Claire
    Rachel Evangeline Sofia
    Liliana Odette Pearl "Lily"
    Charlotte Olive June "Lottie/Lola"
    Hannah Lenore Jane "Annie"
    Eleni Giovanna Fleur "Leni"
    Eva Felicity Tess "Evie"

    Meh, half of them aren't the actual combos I love because I've doubled-up on family names. And number 10 isn't really set--I LOVE my Eva combo (Eva Felicity Claire), but I'm not sure I can really see me with an Eva/Evie, but my other back-up options (Catherine, Tess, Zara) I'm not sure I really love, either. :/
    twenty-something namenerd and aspiring novelist

    Isabelle + Arianne + Olivia + Violet + Charlotte + Emmeline + Eleni + Grace + Audrey + Eva + Catherine + Tess + Zoe
    Caleb + Everett + Jack + Avery + Samuel + Zane + Brody + Declan + Caspar + Grant + Rory + Thomas + Peter

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