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Thread: Name for Horse

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    Exclamation Name for Horse

    I'm writing a book about a girl named Rose Zales. She sees a movie called Dakota Boots where Dakota, the main character, has a chestnut brown horse. I've never owned a horse, so I don't know of any good names. Could you guys think of some? Thanks a bunch! -Ninas1

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    How about something obvious, like Chestnut? Or Hazel, so it's somewhat related but not as obvious. Just think of pet names, like what would you name a dog of that color? I'm not a big horse person either, but those are my suggestions.
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    You could probably look at a few threads in the 'pet names' section in the forum, I'd assume it's just like naming any other pet.
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    A few suggestions that sort of work with chestnut (by their meanings) and horse

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    My friend has a horse named Lyric... One has one named Dancer..

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