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    Needing your thoughts on Matilda, Daniel and Clancy

    Hi all

    Would love your thoughts on our name list.
    The meaning of a name is really important to me
    I like using an honour name as a middle name (but not essential)
    Love longer names with nickname potential

    We have been pretty set on Matilda for the last 2 years!! I can't see that changing. The middle names could be changed.

    Matilda Catherine - battle warrior, pure. Catherine is my Mum's name.
    Matilda Elsie - battle warrior, dedicated to God. Elsie is Grandmother's name (she actually is known by her middle name but I like Elsie better)
    Matilda Cate - as an alternative to Catherine

    Daniel Jude - Daniel is my Hubby's middle name, Jude is just one of my fav names. Can't use Jude in 1st position though
    Clarence Luke - bright light. Luke is Hubby's name.
    Clancy Luke - mmm i'm not sure

    Other names we both like: Penelope, Samuel, Benjamin

    What do you think of our names so far??

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    I am not trying to be rude but I don't get the Matilda thing. I dislike it much but maybe it's just because of bad associations.
    Matilda Catherine is lovely though and also meaningful.
    Daniel Jude or Clarence Jude for a boy would be great. Too bad you can't use Jude as a first name, it's such a cool name.
    I dislike Clancy but I love Benjamin. Penelope is very popular but still beautiful.

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    Matilda Catherine is great.

    I love Samuel and Luke from your boys names.

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    Matilda Catherine is gorgeous. I have a major soft spot for Clarence -- love that name! Plus it was my great uncle's name. I never would have thought of Clancy as a nickname. Clarence Luke, nn Clancy, is awesome.
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    I love Matilda Catherine and Daniel Jude! They are awesome names and go well together!

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