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    I like Mara. There's going to be a part where she reunites with another friend of her's. Mara could be that friend. I'd be bitter too if one of my friends was murdered.
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    I agree completely. Mara is a good name, but I don't know if it's fitting for the main character. It would be good to incorporate it in using a secondary character as you are suggesting.
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    I like Mallory the best for this character. Mallory seems like a real person. I don't like it when authors use super plain names (unless it fits the character), but it also also annoys me when they try to make them over-dramatic sounding. Mallory sort of bridges that gap. It's not like Jennifer, but it isn't like Desdemona. (Sorry to all the people who liked that name, but seriously, who in the heck would name their kid that?)

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    I'd say Mallory's your best bet... Cassandra's a nice name, but I tend to keep my characters' names short. Easier on the reader...

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