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    Names from things

    Choose your favorite thing from each list, and you can choose one of the names next to it to be the name for your 'Child'.

    Daughter #1-FN


    Red- Rielle, Raegan, or Raychel
    Orange- Oakley, Octavia, or Olive
    Yellow- Yadira, Yasmin, or Yolanda
    Green- Gabrielle, Gianna, or Gwynn
    Blue- Braylin, Briony, or Brynn
    Purple- Peyton, Piper, or Penelope
    Other- Whitney, Sabrina, or Lizzie

    Daughter #1-MN


    Rainy- Rain or Storm
    Cloudy- Gray or Breeze
    Sunny- Annalina or Ocean
    Snowy- Neve or Kay
    Foggy- Adriana or Kera

    Son #1-FN


    J.F.Kennedy- Ken or Kenneth
    A.Jackson- Jack or John
    J.Monroe- Montey or James
    T.Jefferson- Jeffery or Tom
    T.Roosevelt- Teddy or Theodore

    Son #1-MN


    Ireland- Conner, Sean, or James
    Japan- Yuki or Riku
    Columbia- Andres, Santiago, or Diego
    France- Enzo, Lucas, Nathen
    Kenya- Adin, Hala, or Sabra

    Daughter #2-FN

    US States-

    New York- Syracuse, Brooklyn, or Rochelle
    California- Monica, Rosa, or Ana
    Florida- Destin, Augutine, or Lucie
    Delaware- Bethany, Camden, Laurel
    Michigan- Ann Arbor, Haven, or Auburn
    Mississippi- Madison, Holly, or Pearl

    Daughter #2-MN

    Flower colors-

    Red- Camellia, Zinnia, Calla
    Orange- Iris, Scarlet, or Marigold
    Yellow- Acacia, Daffodil, or Primrose
    Green- Chrysanthemum, Envy, or Bell
    Blue- Glory, Wisteria, or Violet
    Purple- Veronica, Thyme, or Lavender

    Son #2-FN


    Bus- Abbott, David, or Dean
    Car- Andre, Graham, or Hudson
    Plane- Bennett, Jameson, or Rahn

    Son #2-MN

    Trees in area-

    NE- Elm, Ash, or Hemlock
    SE- Oak or Bradford
    NW- Alder, Acer, or Ceder
    SW- Douglas or Rhus

    Mine would be...

    Peyton Rain
    Kenneth James
    Camden Wisteria
    Jameson Hemlock

    Hope you enjoy!

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