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    Names from things

    Choose your favorite thing from each list, and you can choose one of the names next to it to be the name for your 'Child'.

    Daughter #1-FN


    Red- Rielle, Raegan, or Raychel
    Orange- Oakley, Octavia, or Olive
    Yellow- Yadira, Yasmin, or Yolanda
    Green- Gabrielle, Gianna, or Gwynn
    Blue- Braylin, Briony, or Brynn
    Purple- Peyton, Piper, or Penelope
    Other- Whitney, Sabrina, or Lizzie

    Daughter #1-MN


    Rainy- Rain or Storm
    Cloudy- Gray or Breeze
    Sunny- Annalina or Ocean
    Snowy- Neve or Kay
    Foggy- Adriana or Kera

    Son #1-FN


    J.F.Kennedy- Ken or Kenneth
    A.Jackson- Jack or John
    J.Monroe- Montey or James
    T.Jefferson- Jeffery or Tom
    T.Roosevelt- Teddy or Theodore

    Son #1-MN


    Ireland- Conner, Sean, or James
    Japan- Yuki or Riku
    Columbia- Andres, Santiago, or Diego
    France- Enzo, Lucas, Nathen
    Kenya- Adin, Hala, or Sabra

    Daughter #2-FN

    US States-

    New York- Syracuse, Brooklyn, or Rochelle
    California- Monica, Rosa, or Ana
    Florida- Destin, Augutine, or Lucie
    Delaware- Bethany, Camden, Laurel
    Michigan- Ann Arbor, Haven, or Auburn
    Mississippi- Madison, Holly, or Pearl

    Daughter #2-MN

    Flower colors-

    Red- Camellia, Zinnia, Calla
    Orange- Iris, Scarlet, or Marigold
    Yellow- Acacia, Daffodil, or Primrose
    Green- Chrysanthemum, Envy, or Bell
    Blue- Glory, Wisteria, or Violet
    Purple- Veronica, Thyme, or Lavender

    Son #2-FN


    Bus- Abbott, David, or Dean
    Car- Andre, Graham, or Hudson
    Plane- Bennett, Jameson, or Rahn

    Son #2-MN

    Trees in area-

    NE- Elm, Ash, or Hemlock
    SE- Oak or Bradford
    NW- Alder, Acer, or Ceder
    SW- Douglas or Rhus

    Mine would be...

    Peyton Rain
    Kenneth James
    Camden Wisteria
    Jameson Hemlock

    Hope you enjoy!

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    "That was the thing about best friends.
    Like sisters and mothers, they could piss you off
    and make you cry and break your heart, but in the end, when the chips were down,
    they were there, making you laugh even in your darkest hours."
    Firefly Lane, Kristin Hannah

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