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    I think Heidi Bianca would be lovely. My second choice would be Heidi Beatrice. I really like Honora but it feels like a totally different style to Amy-Louise. I think the lighter Honor would be better with her sister's name and Honor Bianca is stunning.
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    I like the thought of the star also. - I wanted Harriett (after my nan) but my boyfriend dont like it

    I stated in my OP that my boyfriend wants H.B.K after a wrestler's ring name (Which he's always wanted since i'v known him and even before that).

    Do you think Honor Beatrice would sound better than Honora Beatrice. I love Heidi Bianca though. I had Honor Bianca before on my list but people told me that Honora was better so I changed it and now people are saying they don't like Honora so I cant win.

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