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    Felicity would have to be my absolute favorite from your list!
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    I like Maggie but I don't think I'd ever use it. I like Hollie, but I prefer the spelling Holly. And I like Rosalie, but my favorite of the Rose- names is Rosemary.
    Wow, I sound really picky! Haha. I like Maggie the best.

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    Felicity! I never meet any little girls with this name, but I adore it.

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    My favorites are Felicity, Rosalie, and Bryony.
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    a) Elsie - Vintage cute
    b) Bryony - I have an irrational dislike of Br- names on girls, for some reason.
    c) Felicity - A bit frilly for my taste
    d) Delaney - Too surnamey for me, sorry.
    e) Hollie - Like, but prefer the Holly spelling
    f) Maggie - My favourite of your list, beautiful
    g) Rosalie - Like this too but prefer just Rosa
    h) Gracie - Like Grace nn Gracie but it's a bit too nicknamey to put on the BC.
    i) Darby - Never heard this before but not keen, prefer Darcy
    j) Hadley - Only ever heard this on a boy, sorry.

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