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    Name Combinations

    Any of these combinations stand out to you?

    We've decided to (most-likely) go with two middle names (want to have one connected to a side of the family that hasn't been represented in naming yet (either Edward or Brandt are most likely there) and one that connects to some historical figures of our religion (the Baha'i Faith)-- drawn in particular to Nabil, Adib, Ioas, Haydar, Thornton or Tahir).

    Jasper Ioas Brandt Lucky (I really like Ioas with Jasper)
    Jasper Ioas Edward Lucky
    Emrys Nabil Brandt Lucky
    Evander Nabil Brandt Lucky
    Amias Edward Nabil Lucky
    Amias Edward Adib Lucky
    Amias Nabil Brandt Lucky
    Aurelio Ioas Brandt Lucky
    Caius Edward Tahir Lucky
    Caius Nabil Brandt Lucky
    Callum Edward Ioas Lucky
    Callum Nabil Edward Lucky

    Any other combos that stand out with these first names, one middle name of either Edward or Brandt, and one middle name of either Nabil, Adib, Ioas, Haydar, Thornton or Tahir.
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    Emrys Nabil Brandt Lucky is so handsome and distinguished.

    I also like Caius Nabil Brandt Lucky and Amias Nabil Brandt Lucky.

    I like the way the names that end in S flow into Nabil.
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    Amias Edward Nabil Lucky stands out to me.

    Brandt next to Lucky makes me think Lucky Brand. But some of the combos are still nice, like Evander Nabil Brandt Lucky.

    I like Jasper Ioas too. My favorites of all your names are Jasper, Emrys, Amias, Caius, Edward, and Nabil.

    Oof, tough choice.
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    Yay, these are great combos! It really seems like everything is coming together!
    Jasper Ioas Brandt Lucky- My fav of all the combos. It has a great flow, and I love Ioas as a mn.
    Emrys Nabil Brandt Lucky- Perfect. I love Nabil in the #2 spot... it doesn't clash with Lucky, and has the perfect flow with Brandt.
    Amias Nabil Brandt Lucky- Very similar to the previous combo. The flow might even be better than Emrys, but Emrys and Amias feel quite different to me.
    Caius Edward Tahir Lucky- I mostly just love Tahir in there... it's got a really interesting and powerful feel.
    Caius Nabil Brandt Lucky- Once again, the combo of Nabil Brandt Lucky... it just flows amazingly. Once again, it just comes down to preference between Emrys, Amias, and Caius... All great names..
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