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    I can see that Cosima is a favourite for you and the nameberries.

    I have been googling and found out that there is a St Junia (mentioned in the Bible (Romans) and then there was St Lydia of Illyria and she was a most interesting saint as I have just read how she and her family survived torture in Illyria.

    I am very fond of Melisande, it has a whimsical feel for me and while it wouldn't suit you I can imagine a Melisande Calypso.

    So much for my brain which can only stay charged for a short time.

    Warmest congratulations on baby.


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    Thanks all, I really appreciate the comments.

    @rapt how funny, we coincided! Cosima definitely has more meaning for me than Noor.

    @brigid yes, I am leaning towards that approach. Cosima would be for St Cosmas, as you know, and the female saint I most admire is Cassiane/Kassiani, and husband quite likes that name. Helene is under strong consideration as it would honor my MIL, who has an Arabic name starting with H that she doesn't like much. I love Chrysanthe and Cassiane both, but don't think I could pair either with Cosima and keep a straight face.

    @rollo yes, Lydia of Illyria was a real person, and I told @ottilie that she is celebrated on ottilie's daughter's due date, which was a happy coincidence. Melisande Calypso is too whimsical for me, but definitely has a lot of flair.
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    Cassiane Hélène is really beautiful too. I love the idea of honoring your MIL.

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    I'm with everyone who loves Cosima Noor. I like the idea of something that links to both your profession and the kid's heritage so perfectly.
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    Cosima is very cute. Unfortunately, my husband doesn't agree! I think Cosima Helene is a nice combination, which I prefer to Cosima Noor.
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