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    Rosamond Chrysanthe would be striking. Cosima, Evanthe, Everild, Lucienne, and Myriam also stand out to me for the first name.
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    Aquila - yes yes. One of my favorites for you. Incredibly refreshing and sharp and evocative. Love it.
    Averill / Everild - Prefer Everild “ever-wild.” Averill is wonderfully old and French, but makes me think of Avril Levigne, and “avarice.”
    Anastasia - Grand and windswept. A great name, but it alphas Antoine in a big way.
    Aristea - Like Aristedes? Cool. To me it feels a bit thinner, more sketched than some of your other names.
    Constance - Such a good virtue to wish on a child. I remember you liking Constantine. Constance could be a very down-to-earth nod to Constantinople.
    Cosima - With my obnoxious nicknaming habit, I’d probably end up calling her Cozy. But Cosima is a Renaissance beauty with pearls braided into her hair. Gorgeous.
    Cyrielle (prn. with hard K) - Sorry, but I hear some cross between cereal and kirie eleison.. but I think a Cy name would be perfect for a child of word-fanciers, with the connection to the cyrillic alphabet and St Cyril. Cyprian feels stronger and more balanced to me.
    Endellion - Yes yes yes. It’s silvery slithery yet solidly contained by the Ns at both ends. Powerful.
    Evanthe - Sounds witchy to me, though I know the character was not. Reminds me of Circe. Beautifully balanced.
    Lucienne - Eh. Too close to other Lucy names... I think it would be misheard as Lucy-Anne.
    Melisande - I love this, but it’s hard to say fast.. You have to slow down and say it in a really fawncy voice. I like a name that sounds good in lots of different accents.
    Meriel - This one’s sneakily beautiful. Such a vast feeling about it. “Bright sea!” I do love her frumpy cousin Muriel but I know you prefer the lightness of the E.
    Myriam - Smart and French, unassumingly elegant. I do know a Miriam who hates her name and goes by Mimi. Another marian name I like: Soledad. Could be cool with Antoine, for a little Afro-Cuban flavor. Acacia from the crown of thorns... Or the Magdalene names.
    Nerissa - Splashy, free, nereid name. A completely different animal than Marissa, but I fear it may suffer from the Belphoebe Effect (see Lucy-Anne.)
    Rosamond - Weighty and beautiful. An excellent name for a traveler. I imagine her spinning a globe with her eyes closed, or bathed in colored light from a rose window.
    Sunniva - Very Scandinavian to my ears. If your husband’s Sunni, it might be kind of nifty.
    Sylvia - This is my middle. I really enjoy it. Not as unusual as some of your others, but lovely with Antoine. It’s woodsy and mysterious, yet ladylike.

    Ambrosine - I prefer Ambrose, but this is a pretty great feminization. Makes me think of ambrosia.
    Alair - tracheal suction, right? Whatever happened to Altair on the boy’s list? Or was that Otter’s name...
    Apolline - What would you pair it with? Sylvia Apolline, sun in the forest...
    Cassiane - Cassia feels purer to me. “Cassie-Anne.”
    Chrysanthe - Gorgeous, layered. Don’t you love the smell of chrysanthemums? Hard to describe- very alkaline, like the smell of rain.
    Eirene - “eye-REE-nee?” Cute as a button. Is that what you’re going for? I prefer Cybele for that kind of bouncy sound.
    Floriane - Prefer Florian for a boy.
    Maris / Marina - Maris. More bite.
    Myrrine - Purrrrr! Ooh la la I love this.
    Noor - I love this MADLY. It’s marian, it honors your husband’s heritage, it’s just fricking beautiful.
    Solenne - A bit sterile imo.. but it does have a nice open sound. Prefer Solace.
    Sylvaine - Yes. It’s darker than Sylvia. The forest at night.
    Theophane - Fabulosity.

    So my favorites are: Aquila, Everild, Constance, Cosima, Endellion, Evanthe, Meriel, Myriam, Rosamond, Sylvia, Ambrosine, Apolline, Chrysanthe, Maris, Myrrine, Noor, Sylvaine, Theophane.

    Adding: Xenia, Limnaea (after Saint Limnaeus but also close to Linnea, from Linnaeus. “Limn” is a good word.) Emmanuelle, Anthousa, Manon, Delphine, Justine. And since your baby may be born on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception- Nunzia!

    More ideas and combinations later. I really want to jump on the Rosamond Chrysanthe bandwagon, but it’s too many florals in one name for my taste.

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    I love this kind of style, even if its a bit bolder than I'd personally do, I love it. Some of these are on my list. I'd go with:

    Aristea Floriane
    Cosima Noor
    Evanthe Sylvaine
    Lucienne Noor
    Melisande Alair <---my fave
    Myriam Cassiane
    Nerissa Ambrosine
    Rosamond Alair
    Sylvia Chrysanthe
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    The ones that I really like from your list



    All very pretty!

    I have been crushing so much on the "ine/een" ending names lately. It's nice to see you have some of them here! I really love Marina or Marine such a lovely sound. Some others could be


    Good luck choosing!
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