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    Och, I love them all! Catherine is the only one on my short list, so I think, in the end, that would get my vote. I seriously considered adding Josephine nn Posy to my list a short while ago, though, and am still missing it, and I've had a thing for Elisabeth for a long time now (for some reason, I can't get behind the "Z"!). I think sisters named Elisabeth, Catherine, and Josephine would be rather stunning, actually...
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    This is so very hard! I think I can only drop Josephine. Elizabeth and Catherine are such classics... Beautiful names that never get old. I've never really liked Josephine.
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    Elizabeth. The Elizabeths I have known over the years (all very lovely people!) have gone by nicknames of Lizzy, Beth and Betty. None were actually called Elizabeth (except by their mothers I suspect ). Josephine is lovely too. But Catherine is a bit blah for me.
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    This is a hard question, but I'm going to go with Elizabeth because I love the nicknames Effy, Betty, Buffy and Betsy. Libby is also adorable.

    I do also like Josephine for the nicknames Posey and Seph. And Catherine with a K for the nicknames Kitty and Kat.

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    I love all 3 names their feminine and classic and would be a cute sibset. I'd pick Catherine though. I like the name Catherine Grace

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