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    Hi yma,

    Yes, in the mean time i did some internet searching on Elswitha and realized that is wasn't a smush name Thank you for the extra information.

    About the God-names: I feel the same, and have not wrote them off completely, but some people who know me might find it odd for me to choose such a name. However, the name Elisabeth is as, if not more religious, and I don’t feel the same hesitation...

    -mund is an option, however, i only like the german (moon-d) or english prn. In dutch it sounds like this: quite a short and uninteresting sound.

    Thank you
    Hadewych Rose Catherine 2.22.2015

    Aurore Ebba Rosalind, Aurelia Beatrice Rose, Hadewych Ebba Aurora, Cosima Rose Beatrice, Riva Ianthe Juniper, Melisande Juno Catharina, Lorelei Caja Vasilisa

    Ramses, Midas, Erasmus/Rasmus, Rodolphe, Jasper, Rembrandt, Lloyd, Lucius, Otis, Emrys, Oberon

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    *Mother to twins Charles and Samuel*

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