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    Thoughts on these nature/word names?

    Lately I've been loving names in this category! What do you think about some of my more unusual favs...



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    I LOVE nature/word names! All of them are lovely, but my favorites are Echo, River, Briar, and Acacia! I love River on both genders, but I think it's more striking on a girl. I would use any of them.
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    Not a huge fan of word names typically but I do so love Briar!
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    I am a huge fan of nature names for girls!

    I used to know a girl called Acacia, I think it's a nice name but I wouldn't use it.
    I quite like Briar but I think it's a little too masculine.
    Not a fan of Cameo.
    I think Echo is cute but I wouldn't use it.
    I like River for a boy as a middle name but I'm not a fan of it on girls.
    One of the girls at my schools mum is called Saffron, I personally don't like the name though.

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    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE nature/words names! My top twenty names, for both genders, is basically made up of nature or word names.
    From your list, I like Briar, Echo and Saffron.

    My favorites are...
    Girls: Opal, Poppy, Storey, Bay, Indigo "Indie", Dandie, Mauve, ect.
    Boys: Onyx, Forrest, Dandy.
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