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    I like the name Genesis and think it is very pretty. I wasn't expecting it to be that high anyways.
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    Quote Originally Posted by uniquenamelover View Post
    Aaliyah is legit and very pretty. No sure why you dislike it so much. And it helps that it was the name of a very beloved singer who is now gone.
    I completely agree. The name Aaliyah is beautiful with great meaning and the late singer was beautiful.
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    Did anyone else notice that Sheldon is back in the top 1000 for boys? Big Bang Theory, anyone?
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    I like the name Sheldon. I have a cousin named Sheldon, and the name always seemed cool to me because he carries it so well. Glad to see it rising. Love Big Bang Theory too!
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    I'm not saying I dislike any of the names i mentioned, I was just extremely surprised to see them in the top 100, since I have never met anyone named any of those names. Hence the mind-exploding, like "where have i been?"
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