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    SSA list made my head explode because...

    Head-exploding name rankings in the top 100:


    #29 - Brooklyn
    #36 - Aaliyah
    #53 - Peyton
    #56 - Genesis


    #66 - Jaxon


    That is all.
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    Whats wrong with peyton??
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    I loathe the name Peyton, but it's possible that my loathing is entirely due to overexposure to the name. I've met so many little Peyton's and seen every spelling from Peyton/Peyten/Paiton/Paitn/Paytyn/Peightyn/etc. The name got so popular here, it's fizzled out and people have moved on to Paisley/Paisleigh/Paisli/Paizli/Payslee/etc.

    I kind of almost like the name Genesis. Not quite, but almost.
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    I wasn't surprised about Peyton, Brooklyn or Jaxon. Aaliyah is a surprise. Genesis completely boggles my mind.

    Nevaeh still baffles me to no end.
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    I smiled at most of the list when I read it, there are some nice ones in there and it makes me happy that they're being used. But I rolled my eyes at a lot of them too!

    I'm also not a fan of Peyton, Brooklyn, Aaliyah, Genesis (really? What's wrong with Geneva?), Jaxon and Nevaeh. They didnt surprise me though, to be honest. I've met too many Peytons, Jaxons & Nevaehs recently.
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