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Thread: Arcadia?

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    What do we think of this name, berries....I have been having a lot of trouble with girl names lately and this one just came to me.

    cons: a bit clunky

    pros: awesome meaning, can be shortened to "Cadie" or "Dia"
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    Arcadia is rather pretty, it always reminds me of the sweet nostalgic experiences I've had whilst playing the longest journey series.

    (One of the two worlds in those games is called Arcadia).
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    It makes me think of the town in CA, or an arcade.
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    Does have a pretty sound but immediately made me think of arachnids (however that's spelled) a spider reference for me :/
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    I like it. I like its association with peace in art and poetry. That makes the name interesting for me. I also like the sound of the name. I love that it is clunky, because I get tired of all the flowy and overly soft girls' names that are popular right now. Clunky and consonant heavy names can sound beautiful too. They sound strong and substantial.

    I don't know if I would ever use Arcadia because it does remind me of arcade, and I am not normally a fan of place names.
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