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Thread: Gwendolune

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    I heard this somewhere and am currently crushing on it. I can't find anything on it online, though it seems it might have (extremely) minimal use in France. Seems kind of like a smoosh of Gwendolen and Luna - white moon, fair moon? It's somewhat odd to have a Welsh and Latin-based combination like that.

    I'm not generally a fan of made up/altered names. That said, I kind of really like the sound. It's just different enough from the typical -lyn ending of Gwendolyn to be quirky and interesting.

    What do you think of this name?
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    I like the sound but for some reason I don't like how it looks! The 'e' at the end seems out of place for some reason. The only other way you could spell it would be Gwendoloon but that looks a bit silly!
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    I think I prefer Gwendolen.
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    I love Gwendolen. Gwendolune? Not so much. The lune at the end reminds me of loon, a crazy person, not the bird. Even if you say lune the french way, it still flows terribly with Gwendo.
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    If I saw it somewhere I would think it was a typo.

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