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  • Briony

    32 51.61%
  • Bryony

    30 48.39%
  • Brioney

    0 0%
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    Bryony is the classic spelling so I prefer it.
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    Having lived a life with the name Bryony, everyone always tells me how rich it sounds and looks. I also know a Briony - she doesn't get the same reactions when people are looking at a piece of paper with the names on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sarahmezz View Post
    Bryony is the classic spelling, even though the double y makes it seem trendy.

    The classiest spelling is always the traditional spelling! Definitely Bryony.
    This is what I was gonna say! Always stick to the traditional spelling if you can.

    I like Bryony. I think it is lovely! I had it on my own list, but hubby vetoed it.
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    I voted for Bryony. I like Briony too, though.
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    Bryony is the original spelling so I would go with that one unless your surname has y's in it too. I do think Briony looks better on the written page. I say choose Bryony with reluctance as I have a strange aversion to y's in names but what can I do in this case?
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